Cosmetic beauty procedures give attractive appearance and good mood and have much influence on person‘s health and the way he feels.
In “Belvilis” guesthouse we offer massage and beauty treatment services, which will be provided by a professional beautician Roberta Latviene and massage specialist Laima Zarnosekoviene settled near pool complex. You will be given a massage, body scrub, aromatherapy, reflexology and cosmetic treatments.
For body and facial beauty treatment we are using luxury superior quality skincare brands: Italian cosmetics SALIN DE BIOSEL and French cosmetics THAL‘ION.
Different - Unique - Original
Salin de Biosel specialises in cosmetics and application concepts for a beautiful skin, a healthy body and spiritual harmony. Salin de Biosel offers two product lines: for professional use and for sale to consumers. In the world of cosmetics, Salin de Biosel has introduced products and application concepts that are based on an original blend of Eastern bioenergetics philosophy and Western modern techniques.  
According to Eastern philosophy our health depends on the balance of Yin and Yang, the two opposing, yet complimentary energies that calibrate universal and individual harmony. All the skin functions are influenced by this energetic flow: Yin energy counterbalances the skin‘s excess of energy, whereas Yang energy compensate for low energy. Every Salin de Biosel product has its own energetic identity and able not only to transmit active principles that restore energetic balance, but also carry out a deep reprogramming of skin tissue.   
In Salin de Biosel products you will never find: genetically modified organisms (GMO), animal - derived products, animal - tested ingredients, paraffin (isoparaffin) or substances derived from petroleum, mineral oils, chemical colouring, propylene glycol ( butylene, ethylene and etc.), paraben-based preservatives. We are firmly committed to the constant improvement of our products, the use of strictly natural ingredients and a deep concern of consumers health.
The Best of Marine Nature!
Thal‘ion is well known for its range of professional body and face treatments, especially designed to be used in Thalassotherapy and Spas beauty salons. Thal‘ion marine laboratories collect and extract from algae the natural and powerful active ingredients that become the true essence of beauty and well-being. In a preserved nature, an exceptional pure seawater, the seaweeds develop specific substances such as proteins, minerals, trace elements, vitamins with outstanding properties. Because of the high affinity between human cells and the original marine environment, our body absorbs every ingredient from the sea to provide essential energy and incomparable well-being.  

Through distinctive beauty rituals, Thal‘ion will provide you exceptional treatments, a delightful experience that will give you immediate and long-lasting benefits.